If you like cycling and beautiful scenery the grounds have the benefit of being very close to the attractive mountain bike trail in Myrhøj plantation. Here you can gain speed under your wheels and sweat on your brow as you hurtle through the route's sharp turns, thrilling hills and exciting ramps with the close nature whizzing past. You can strap your bike on the car and start the route in the forest, or you can hop on the bike right from the campsite, including the few kilometers of small roads and gravel paths into your final route. When you return to the site all muddy and sweaty, you can wash your bike at our washing spot, and yourself in our beautiful bathing facilities. Less than an hour's drive away are several of the best Mountain bike tracks including but not limited to Rold Forest and Svinkløv Klitplantage.

Mountainspor i Myrhøj

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